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About Juava Pet Food

We supply Pet food that is highly nutritious at affordable prices.

Our products include dog food, dog snacks, cat food and bird seeds.

In the near future we will have exciting new products to add to our list.

Our Team

We would like to introduce our team.

In dispatch we have Angie, she is doing all the dispatching of orders. Then we also have Nadine, she handles all our customers orders and emails.

In the warehouse where all our stock control is managed by Elmarie, we have Nicole who handles the communication and customer care.

In our delivery side we have the best Drivers, Grant, Alex, Juan and Riaan that always do their best to keep customers happy from their side.

Our sales team is managed by Werner and his team of consultants.

In our marketing side we have Kyla she does all the social media and promotions for Juava to grow big and be the best.

Then in admin & HR we have Etta, she does all the financial and report and Juava growth tracking.

Lastly we have Halvor as Managing Director.

Company Vision

We will continue to grow and maintain our core business by constantly looking for more customers, while maintaining our excellent service to existing customers.

We are also constantly on the lookout for other alternatives to invest in and to grow and diversity our business overall.

We have a warehouse where we keep all our stock and distribute from. We have a sales and marketing team who stives to give customers the best service and advise, with a large fleet to deliver the best service we can from our side of Juava.